Monday, August 1, 2011


So it's summer vacation for me, and a few months ago i decided to sign up to take an advanced placement English course for my senior year as college credit. I composed a beautifully written essay on why I am worthy of taking such a difficult course, and I was accepted. I thought all that would happen was i would automatically skip sophomore English and take 11th grade English my sophomore year. Wrong. I also have to participate in a "Summer Reading Program" composed of reading 2 books that have nothing to do with each other, and then taking a test with questions asking how these 2 literature works are related.

Keep in mind, the first book i have somehow managed to finish is actually a play about the Salem Witch Trials where a guy's mistress accuses the man and his wife of participating in witchcraft. I died a little inside and my attention span took a -9001hp hit when i read the little summary of the book on the back. But, anyways, the guy's wife ends up being pregnant so she doesn't get hanged but the guy has 3 choices; he has to either admit that he cheated and the mistress was just being mad that he broke off the extra-marital affair (which will ruin his good name), plead not guilty and get hanged, or plead guilty (no where in the story, or, play, did anyone mention what would happen when one pleads guilty to witchcraft, but i can imagine that still doesn't harbor very good results either) So in short, the guy does say he had an affair to save his life. But he refuses to sign the paper verifying the testimony's authenticity in order to keep his good name.

 By this point everyone knows that the mistress was just mad and started the entire shit storm, but the guy still gets hanged because he didn't sign the damn paper to keep his dignity and his good

The second book which i am a little more than half way through is about this kid and his friend trying to find ways to combat the boredom of being in an all boys school (homo inorite?) during World War II. They start a club where people have to jump off a high branch of a tree into a river as a form of initiation, part of the deal is that since they are both the leaders, they have to jump off the tree every day to kick off the initiation. Now if you have an IQ of >50 you can figure out something goes wrong. Well one of the kids ends up knocking the other off the branch of the tree and fracture his leg therefore ruining his athletic abilities. He kinda didn't mean to nor he didn't intend to, just like when Kelso shot Hyde with a BB gun; it was accidentally on purpose. The kid ends up saying he did it on purpose for an unknown reason.

Accidentally on purpose.

Now the 2 boys are trying to keep their friendship going while the injured kid is in denial of the other purposely making him fall off the branch, and that's how far I've gotten into the book.

Now, plot summaries, boring as they are, I only used them to show the differences between each of them. We read and compared 2 stories all the time in other English classes, but they at least had a common theme that we could relate them with. The ones I am currently reading? No. Which is why I lost even moar motivation to finish the book. I got one chapter read today, last time I read the book was around 2 weeks ago, maybe more. During those 2 weeks this book has been sitting on my computer desk while I play Minecraft and stalk people on Facebook. The first book took a month or more to finish, and it was only 150 pages. That's an average of 5 pages a day, and it takes like what? A minute to read a page? So i could barely muster up the motivation to spend 5 minutes a day comprised of doing absolutely nothing to read a book. That's pretty bad, it's like i'm trying to NOT read the book.

anyways, tl;dr i lack motivation and i need help with it, comment pl0x


  1. You've inspired me to read some more books, although I cannot give you the motivation you seek =3

    Good luck with that, this post was a good read!

  2. "anyways, tl;dr i lack motivation and i need help with it, comment pl0x" Lol yeah my attention span took a -9001hp hit when I got near the end of your summary for the first book. Sorry but high school books usually are pretty boring and lame, filled with moral lessons and such.

    As far as I can tell a similarity between the two is (trying to phrase this correctly, might fail) The effect and moral complications of guilt, and acting in a way which impede's the normal actions or belief's of one's conscience.

    I hope that makes sense, the concept is more clear in my head but I'm having trouble translating it into understandable English.

  3. every page you read you should give yourself a skittle or a malteser. :D

  4. The second book sounds a lot less boring than the first. You should allow yourself an hour on the xbox for every two hours reading xD

  5. I really should read some more books, too! :S
    I am just too lazy to get this done

  6. One thing that helped me with motivation is DELAYING OF GRATIFICATION.

  7. Oh god, just reading the summaries for the books made me snore.

  8. good luck with that. AP english was one of the best classes I took in high school though. (in terms of preparing for college)

  9. For AP English 11, I had to just define about 9001 terms based on logic, shit you might use in debate. It was fun all in all, though. :) ++Following

    AP US History requires the reading of two books... but at least Orwell's 1984 is a choice. :)

  10. lol, how the hell did that ram manage that!?